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Your Neighbor Newcomerstown: Meet Jay Lambes


Meet: Jay Lambes – Decorative and Specialty Products Technician Simona Boltaron located at 1 General Street in Newcomerstown

Education: graduated from Newcomerstown High School in 1995; Graduated from Kent State Tusccarawas 2007.

Village Council: Member of the Newcomerstown Village Council since January 2019; President of Streets, Sidewalks and Leisure.

Jay, tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your career at Boltoran.

“I grew up just outside the village and graduated from Newcomerstown High School in 1995. After working as a machinist for several years, I decided to continue my education by attending Kent State Tusc . campus and graduate in Computer Graphics and Engineering Technology. Prior to applying to Boltaron, I was employed in the second shift maintenance department for a factory in the New Philadelphia area.

“Working on the second shift made it difficult to spend time with my wife, Jamie, and our two pre-teen children – Jaxson and Lori. Being involved in their school activities and in the Newcomerstown community was very important to me. In January 2017, a Boltaron employee and I chatted at a Donuts with Dad event at school one morning, and he shared that they were looking for a swing maintenance associate. hoped. However, when I was called for an interview at Boltaron, I was offered a position as an engineering technician because of my qualifications and education. I am now halfway through my fourth year at Boltaron and have recently been promoted to my current position as Decorative and Specialty Products Technician.

“In our free time, Jamie and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am a member of the Masonic Lodge in Newcomerstown, Port Washington and Byesville, as well as a member of the Canton Scottish Rite, and I am the current Worshipful Master. from the Port Washington Lodge. Most of my family still reside very close to Newcomerstown. Jamie also grew up in the village and graduated from the NHS. His parents, Leman and Penny Clark are long-time owners of Cy Young Lanes, so this community is very near and dear to both of us.

What do you like about being an employee at Boltoran?

“I currently supervise the parts department, and I participate in the graphic design of the tooling of Boltoran’s offerings to our customers. We are one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic products, and these items are used for many different applications around the world. Locally, Boltaron employs approximately 120 people at the Newcomerstown site. We promote a family culture here and have a large group that works closely together as a very strong team. We are also very concerned about the environment and safety. We pride ourselves on serving customer needs because our message is: you imagine. Let’s innovate together.

“Many in the community probably remember the factory as the Sieberling Rubber Company established in Newcomerstown in 1954. From there we moved to General Tire & Rubber in 1968 and Empire Plastics in 1999. The name and Boltaron ownership appeared in 2004 and became Boltaron Simona in 2018. Many residents of Newcomerstown and the surrounding area have worked for one or more of these owners, and the company has been one of Newcomerstown’s largest employers for many years. many years.

“Boltoran is very active in the community and supports a myriad of school and other events at the local level. Employee lunches are held monthly, as well as Christmas parties for the children where they receive gifts from Santa Claus. . A separate employee Christmas party is held each year for employees and their guests. Our planning committee started the themed months with an upcoming Hawaiian month – where we wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays, and ends with a roast pork for all staff at the end of this special month. On top of all of that we also have wonderful perks such as insurance, paid vacations and more. Boltoran is a great place to work, and I intend to end my career here, and I urge others to apply to any open employment opportunities. “

What would you like to highlight for us?

I feel lucky to be employed locally in the village, while being close to home for my family. Additionally, being an active member of the community is something I take very seriously and am extremely proud of the accomplishments of our local council. We work as a team and I have been involved in many great accomplishments, even if this is only my second year on the Newcomerstown Village Council.

“I am currently the chairman of the streets, sidewalks and recreation committee, so you will always have a lot to do with these responsibilities, and I really enjoy working with the employees in the village that I supervise, as well as with the others. village associates. We have a group of dedicated and hardworking people in all departments associated with village government. Some of the highlights of my time on the board so far are all the developments at the Simonds plant such as the boat launch, the movement of recycling bins to the water service area, and our new park located at the southern end of the village.

“There is a lot more to come, and this is a very exciting time for our Newcomerstown. The village government has purchased the old Morgan Pharmacy building to house the administrative offices and council rooms, and that will be great for the future of our community. I like to encourage others in Newcomerstown to get involved in something as well. Every little bit counts, whether it’s volunteering on a committee to improve the village, volunteering for the Historical Society, school, or some other civic interest you might have a soft spot for. Any committee that you are part of or that you support helps to improve something in the village. Now, more than ever, we need to come together and make our community even better than it already is. COVID is still here, and it continues to impact our local businesses who need our support and patronage. When we all come together for a common cause, it can only mean good things for Newcomerstown as a whole. “


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