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Top 5 Tips for Improving FPS in Minecraft


Even for a block game, Minecraft can surprisingly be extremely slow. Bedrock Edition is somewhat user-friendly with low-end devices, but Java Edition can put a lot of strain on systems with low specs.

A newly created world doesn’t put too much strain on the CPU. However, as players begin to create and modify the appearance of their worlds, the game begins to put pressure on the computer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve frame rate in Minecraft.

Improve FPS in Minecraft

5) keep the number of entities low

Too many entities can cause lag (image via Mojang)
Too many entities can cause lag (image via Mojang)

One of the common reasons for lag in Minecraft is entities. Having too much inside loaded chunks can cause a huge lag. Players should try to reduce the number of entities to have a lag-free experience.

Please note that entities are not limited to crowds. Objects such as minecarts, object frames, and ships are also considered features. Therefore, when building a storage system, avoid using too many object frames.

Likewise, gathering too many villagers and other mobs can also cause a lag. Players can prevent this by creating a trading room away from their main bases.

4) Reduce render distance

Short render distance (image via Mojang)
Short render distance (image via Mojang)

The render distance decides how far Minecraft is rendered in the world. It is recommended that players with low-end devices reduce their rendering distance. Setting it between eight and twelve bits will improve performance on most systems. Going below that can ruin the overall experience.

3) Reduce the simulation distance

Bedrock players have access to a unique feature called Simulation Distance. As mentioned earlier, entities can cause a lot of lag, and sometimes they are unavoidable. This is where simulation distances come in handy.

Features outside the simulation distance do not put pressure on the device. It was originally added to Bedrock Edition to improve performance. With the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update, Java Edition will also receive the simulation distance setting.

2) Lower graphics settings

Settons video (image via Mojang)
Settons video (image via Mojang)

As in most other games, gamers can also lower their general graphics settings to improve FPS. Gamers on low-end devices are advised to reduce their graphics to Fast, turn off VSync, toggle Particles to Minimal, and turn off Clouds to get a boost in FPS.

1) Optimization mods

The easiest way to improve performance and FPS in Minecraft is to install optimization mods. Optifine is one of the most popular Minecraft mods. It boosts performance and offers gamers many new custom settings for more FPS.

Like Optifine, players can also use other FPS enhancing mods like Sodium, Chunk Loader, etc. By using these monsters, they can get an increase of over 300%.

Minecraft can be taxing on a gamer’s PC. Therefore, they must take careful measures to ensure smooth gameplay.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects the views of the author only.

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