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The 4th edition of the annual “Production Without Borders” showcase reaches more than 6,000 spectators online


On November 2, 2021 at 2 p.m. PST, Cloud 21 International (www.cloud21.com) and Kultura PR International (www.kulturapr.com) presented the fourth edition of Production Without Borders Showcase, a special virtual event held during AFM .

The invitation-only online event, watched by over 6,000 viewers via Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, showcased some of the biggest names and rising stars in the global entertainment industry. Moderator Colin Costello, editor-in-chief of Reel360 on the West Coast, inspired a lively discussion with E! founder Larry Namer, Ali Mahir Aksu of FilmCapital.io, Anna Fishbeyn of Anteriya Films, actor / director Angelo Reyes and triple winner of the Telly Sue Vicory award. During the event, Namer’s appointment as the new President of FilmCapital.io was announced.

Watch the highlights of the event below!

Larry Namer on his new role as President of FilmCapital.io …

Really view it as an opportunity to help democratize the fundraising situation, especially for independent filmmakers, very talented people who really need an effective vehicle to fundraise for their creative visions.

Ali Mahir Aksu on Successful Crowdfunding for Filmmakers …

If you’ve got pre-sales and you’ve got a distribution already, then you’re basically talking to investors who can write you bigger checks and I think a lot of people don’t see that.

Sue Vicory on “Labels” in Industry …

I’m kind of a 60s hippie … I don’t do labels at all … So when I tell a story, I feel like I’m telling it from the heart of humanity … L love is the central conversation in everything for me.

Angelo Reyes on his concept short film 21st & Colonial …

The short concept was part of the development package, the pitch deck and the budget … having something visual was way better than just having a script to show someone … to show what I can do until putting a {feature} film together.

Watch the full event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW48Uo-hrlQ

Ali M. Aksu is an international producer, director and entrepreneur. He is the executive producer of several groundbreaking projects, including the very first Hollywood feature film to recruit digital media talent, distributed by Universal Studios.

He is the founder of FilmCapital.io, a community-driven Hollywood crowdfunding platform that was incubated at Singularity University, and Author Academy, an educational platform for empowering independent filmmakers.

Mr. Aksu is the Southern California Young Professionals Ambassador to the United Nations Association of America. He is an MBA candidate at the Chicago Booth School of Business. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, with a minor in film, television and digital media from UCLA, and has executive-level degrees from MIT, Wharton and Singularity University.

Anna Fishbeyn, Founder and President of XOFeminist Productions and Anteriya Films (Russia / USA), is an award-winning stage and film star, filmmaker, director, writer and actress.

Her film Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground, which she wrote, directed and starred in, had her red carpet premiere at AFM 2021. The preliminary version of the film was screened to a full house at the Cannes and Big Apple festivals. and was a finalist in the Sundance New Frontier exhibition.

Ms. Fishbeyn’s first play, Sex in Mommyville, premiered in New York City and was recommended by Bloomberg News, while CBS Radio declared her “a comic book genius.” Her second play My Stubborn Tongue was performed off Broadway at the New Ohio Theater in New York City and toured London’s West End at the Soho Theater. Her solo cabaret show at the Metropolitan Room in New York Anna on Fire and Uncensored has been recommended by CBS News New York, Jewish Week and NiteLife NYC.

Ms Fishbeyn wrote and starred in the award-winning web series Happy Hour Feminism and directed and starred in Invisible Alice, a musical short film currently on the festival circuit.

Pre-production has started for his upcoming film How To Seduce Your Dinner Guest, along with two optional pilots for television, the comedy Healthy Nuts and the drama Infidelity Club.

Entertainment industry veteran with nearly 50 years of professional experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner of Metan Global Entertainment Group (MGEG), a company created to develop and distribute entertainment content and media specifically for Chinese people. speaking audiences in China and abroad. In 2018, the company launched MGEG Film Fund I and is its managing partner. He is also executive producer of the feature film EMPRESS, a new travel series for Chinese audiences called Explore The World, and executive producer of crime drama Nova Vita. He was most recently a consultant and COO of FanVestor and co-founder of the new BeautyKween lifestyle platform.

Mr. Namer is the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, a company today valued at over four billion US dollars, and the creator of several successful companies in the United States and abroad. These companies include Comspan Communications, which pioneered Western forms of entertainment in the former Soviet Union, and Steeplechase Media, which was Microsoft’s main MiTV consultant.

Early on, he was named the youngest general manager of a major cable system at Valley Cable TV (VCTV) in Los Angeles. His vision and direction has earned VCTV several Emmy and Cable ACE award nominations, as well as recognition by Forbes magazine as a national model for local cable television programming. In 1989, he received the prestigious President’s Award from the National Cable Television Association. On the day of the event, FilmCapital.io officially announced Larry Namer’s new role as President of the Company.

Filipino / Italian-American Angelo Reyes started his professional life as a creative designer in the advertising industry. He later decided to explore the television industry by hosting and co-producing the motorsport show Street Vision Garage.

He then studied with Lynette Sheldon at LS Acting Studio in New York City and soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue his aspirations as an actor. He has appeared in the 2020 Netflix movie Hill Billy Elegy, the 2010 comedy-drama The Bill Collector, HBO’s The Outsider, the 2013 dramatic thriller Killing Kennedy, and others.

After experiencing success in the acting field, he decided to explore his talent as a director. In 2015, he produced his first short film titled Heartless. In 2018, he received the Rising Star Award at the Westfield International Film Festival for Groomed, a short film on human trafficking that he both produced and directed.

His latest project, 21st & Colonial, is based on the true story of a young black man who struggles to provide for his family and crosses paths with an overworked police officer with PTSD. The short film, which he co-wrote, directed and starred in, won a REMI award at the 54th Worldfest International Film Festival and was nominated for official selection at several festivals. Mr. Reyes plans to develop the story into a feature film.
Deeply connected to his Filipino and Italian roots, Mr. Reyes is dedicated to creating films that explore the intricacies of different cultures and promote tolerance, diversity and inclusion.

Three-time Telly Award-winning filmmaker Sue Vicory has been creating films and community projects with her non-profit production company Heartland Films, Inc. since 2003. Her work includes Homelessness & the Power of One, feature films Kansas City One and Jazz and Blues documentaries; Past, Present & Future and Absent and 1898 shorts, The WF Norman Story. In 2015, she founded Team XX, an all-female team of 25 filmmakers who created the award-winning film Down Stage.

She is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors of Los Angeles and the creator of the website www.womendocumentaryfilmmakers.com, designed to increase the visibility of female directors. She is the creator of the non-profit brand My Power of One (MPO1). In 2015, under the MPO1 banner, she filmed a tour of 48 states completing 12 Acts of Kindness. Ms. Vicory and a team of 50 people created the film Panic at Park which aired on KOCT and KPBS during the San Diego Film Awards. She is currently presenting a landmark documentary titled Original Jayhawker.

Ms. Vicory was named the 2020 recipient of the Côte d’Azur Film Festival’s annual Industry Excellence Award. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Washburn University, her alma mater.

The panel was moderated by WGA-East member Colin Costello, a writer and director of the biracial genre, comedy and horror. The award-winning former creative director has written two family feature films. 2013, The Stream which is 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.
His first short film, which he wrote and directed, The After Party of 2018, appeared in 25 festivals and won five. His other short, Dreamwicher of 2019, won ten awards in the United States and abroad.

After writing two episodes for the PBSKids series, Moochie Kalala Detective’s Club, the educational show was nominated for a Midwest Emmy Award. Mr. Costello recently completed a comedy web series From Russia with Motive, which won several awards on the festival circuit.

At the end of 2018, it was selected by the Champions Program supported by the WGA Committee of Black Writers and designed to obtain representation in color or staffed writers. It was based on his hour-long pilot, Bad Cook, about a Las Vegas sous-chef and his rise to being a crime boss.

Mr. Costello’s writing caught the attention of Spike Lee (with whom he helped start an advertising agency), Michael Bay, Dr. Maya Angelou, Reginald Hudlin, Tim Burton, Jan DeBont, Marcus Nispel, Pam Thomas, Disney, ABC, Netflix and The Montecito Picture Show Company.

Born and raised in Philadelphia and a resident of Chicago, Mr. Costello is currently Editor-in-Chief for Reel 360 News, screenwriting instructor at UCLA Extension, and volunteer for Young Storytellers.


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