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Stupid Love Comedy: The Shojo Bakuman You’ve Never Heard Of


Bakuman is a brilliant glimpse into the manga industry, but the shojo genre hasn’t been lacking either thanks to Stupid Love Comedy.

The anime world can get pretty meta, with some anime series knowing that they are part of a popular and distinct industry. Sometimes this is done for parody or satire, like the isekai series Konosuba or the strange Gintama, but then there is the Bakuman series, which actually pays homage to its manga origins and explores the manga industry as a whole.

Bakuman, written and drawn by the same creators as Death threat, has a rival shojo – a short but sweet series known as Stupid love comedy. Although he never reached Bakumanthe level of notoriety, Stupid love comedy is a quick, fun read for any fan of the shojo genre, “how it’s made” fiction, or both.

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How Stupid Love Comedy explores the creation of the manga Shojo

Stupid love comedy, written and drawn by author SyuSyuSyu Sakurai, is a semi-autobiographical exploration of the world of manga drawing, and the author reinvents herself as an enthusiastic young artist named Sakura Suzu. Sakura loves to draw shojo manga and identifies strongly with it, but she is also known for her chronic retardation and procrastination, and her new editor, the handsome Hasegawa Osamu, has no patience for that.

Hasegawa is somewhat of a kuudere, being the tough but fair editor of Sakura who hides her true feelings but urges Sakura to do her best and realize her potential as an artist. He doesn’t like Sakura’s personal advances on him, but the cancellation of Sakura’s ongoing streak would be a far greater tragedy in Hasegawa’s eyes.

Along the way, Sakura explores many other aspects of the process of making manga for the benefit of readers, and the story generally ties it all to Sakura’s funny antics and procrastination. She interns with a senior manga writer at her home, meets a graphic designer to uncover the cover of her new book, and even goes through the entire manga publishing process, from delivering the final draft to the magazine that ends up in the books. bookstores for purchase.

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Readers can also gain insight into how office politics and romance work in this industry, and they can see for themselves how complex this process can be. There is much more to manga than drawing and inking – there are also committees, printing thousands of sheets of paper, getting the finished product to the store on time and more. Sakura is just one part of a much bigger machine, and if she delays her job, everyone suffers. However, if Hasegawa can fan the flames of Sakura’s passion, Sakura will endeavor to draw her manga in time so that readers can fall in love with her wonderful stories.

Reading Stupid Love Comedy, The Shojo Bakuman

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Manga fans on manga, shojo or office romances can give Stupid love comedy to try, although there is no anime adaptation for this series, unlike Bakuman. SyuSyuSyu Sakurai’s manga is rather short, consisting of only three volumes, and manga fans in the West can collect it as all three volumes or as an omnibus edition. Barnes & Noble online catalog stores the omnibus of Stupid love comedy in pocket and digital editions with Nook, and individual volumes are available only in digital format.

Right Stuf Anime Online Catalog stores pocket omnibus from Stupid love comedy also. During this time, Amazon’s online catalog stores the pocket omnibus edition of Stupid love comedy as well as the three individual volumes in digital format.

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