Home Graphic designer Sister Dana sez, “Happy HoliDaze everyone, and please try to keep in the spirit of the season rather than being too overwhelmed by the frenzy of shopping!” – San Francisco Bay Times

Sister Dana sez, “Happy HoliDaze everyone, and please try to keep in the spirit of the season rather than being too overwhelmed by the frenzy of shopping!” – San Francisco Bay Times



Words of wisdom from a funny nun –

By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

Sister Dana sez, “Happy HoliDaze everyone, and please try to keep in the spirit of the season rather than being too overwhelmed by the frenzy of shopping!”

RICHMOND / ERMET AID FOUNDATION (REAF) presented their big fundraiser “HELP IS ON THE WAY FOR THE XX HOLIDAYS: Feliz Navidad” December 5 at the Brava Theater. REAF provides support for HIV services, hunger reduction programs, and support for homeless and disenfranchised youth and older people. The star-studded cast included David Burnham: Broadway, TV star; Leanne Borghesi: cabaret star; Rodney Earl Jackson: Broadway actor / Bay Area Theater Company co-founder; Steve knill: televisions The voice; Sharon mcnight: Tony nominated cabaret star; Jai Rodriguez: Broadway, TV star; Shawn ryan: televisions America has talent; Marta Sanders: MAC award-winning cabaret star; Bruce vilanch: Broadway (Hair spray), TV star; Lisa Vroman: Broadway (The Phantom of the Opera) Star; Paula West: Cabaret / record star; and Salsamania: world champion dance troupe.

GLOBAL RAINBOW FUND held the 16th annual RWF LIGHTING CELEBRATION OF THE WORLD TREE OF HOPE December 6 at Grace Cathedral. We enjoyed the Grammy-winning San Francisco Boys Chorus, host Donna Sachet, Emperor David Glamamore, Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, Landa Lakes performing Native Blessing, San Francisco Lesbian / Gay Choir, origami artist Linda Mihara (explaining tree decorations consisting of thousands of folded whooping cranes with wishes written inside folxes from around the world), RWF founder Jeff Cotter, reviewer Joaquin Torres presenting a certificate of appreciation to RWF, opera singer Lerberta Loral accompanied by Tammy Lynne Hall-Hawkins on organ, The Right Reverend Marc Andrus (Bishop of California) and seven of us, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, blessing the ‘Tree and leading the countdown to its dramatic lighting.

Sister Dana Sez, “For 2022, the Loathsome under McConnell are now abandoning their original“ Contract with America ”to have NO platform other than“ Opposite Day ”and anything NOT Biden but ONLY Trump! “

I was so happy to discover the monthly CASTRO ARTISTIC WALK had come back after the fucking demic closed it. On December 9, two places marked my journey. SF ART HOUSE at 2324 Market Street had just opened in June. Max Khusid had left his high-end career at Apple to become a curator at Castro. He wants to display a diversity of eclectic artists. Currently showing the fun-filled “Happy Houses” oil series from Georges abramidze, born in Georgia (Russia) in 1966. Multi-story buildings seem to sway in the artist’s colorful renderings. Or was it just the Max champagne served? No, that was the artist’s intention! https://www.arthousesf.com/

THE ART OF AVIVA KANOFF is now on all the walls at SPARK ARTS, 4229 18th Street. Aviva, the owner and curator, always hosts a fabulous reception at the Castro Art Walk, and tonight was no exception. The wine flowed freely, as did the vodka. There were baked goodies, fun sandwiches, and delicious desserts. All this, plus the incredible live Greg Jacobs Trio piano, double bass and percussion to dance! And what a surprise when Aviva gave me a framed portrait of me wearing a party hat at one of its many party events! https://sparkarts.com/

Sister Dana Sez, “Contrary to the advice of some Republican politicians: using mouthwash will NOT destroy the coronavirus; However, it might take away the nasty taste of ivermectin horse paste! “

LUNA NOTHING gallery at 3318 22nd Street and Valencia in the Mission features visual artists working in contemporary mediums that integrate elements of urban culture with traditional techniques. Their current show, LITTLE WONDERS, is a collection of small-scale works by 11 of their exhibiting artists. Used to producing larger works, some on walls up to 14 stories high, these artists are also able to translate their style and craftsmanship onto smaller surfaces, a skill that is sometimes underestimated. I am particularly drawn to the many acrylic pieces of Ursula Xanthe Young. She is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer whose images of urban fairy tales have become a hallmark of street culture in San Francisco and beyond. Be sure to admire these beauties: “Fairy Dreams”, “We Are Made of Stars”, “What You See When You Close Your Eyes” and “At the Edge of Dreamland.” Plus, if you you sit on the patio, you will be delighted to see her very large scale piece permanently painted on wood in 2007! https://tinyurl.com/5n8s4aru

KUNG PAO KOSHER COMEDY—Christmas Jewish comedy at a Chinese restaurant (virtual this year) is an annual tradition in San Francisco. Due to the pandemic, the show, which has taken place annually in December since its inception in 1993 in Chinatown San Francisco, took place on Zoom and YouTube Live last year and reached audiences across the country. countries and some abroad. Kung Pao will take place virtually again this year; but next year in 2022 for their 30th anniversary, they plan to be live in person, while keeping the online component. Now in its 29th year, Kung Pao, which answers the age-old question: “What are Jews supposed to do at Christmas?” is a take-off on the tradition of Jews going to a Chinese restaurant and a Christmas movie. The original idea of ​​the Jewish comedian based in San Francisco Lisa Geduldig, is one of San Francisco’s oldest comedy shows. This annual Jewish Christmas tradition spans three days, December 24-26, and will feature Jewish comedians Ophira Eisenberg, Jessica Kirson, Lisa Geduldig, and Arline Geduldig (Lisa’s mother, 90). For info and tix: https://tinyurl.com/bdhzv6r2

If the precedent of Roe vs. Wade, which is considered one of the landmark decisions in American history, can be overturned, which will likely mean that other decisions affirming the rights of American citizens could also be overturned, no matter how engraved they seem to be. marble or how controversial they are. and the backsliding that the decision to push them back could provoke. Sister Dana Sez, “If abortion rights are gone, so could same-sex marriage! “

Sister Dana Sez: “And if the Supreme Court continues its radical course, it will not stop there!

SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS rang during the holiday season on December 10 and 11 at the Sydney Goldstein Theater with its annual seasonal extravaganza, THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE … AGAIN! Back on stage for the first time since the 2019 holiday season, SFGMC brought back everything that made this concert one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s annual treats. This year’s concert had something for everyone, including “Festival Gloria”, “Little Drummer Boy”, “Go Tell It on The Mountain”, “Los Peces en el Rio” and “Silent Night”. Special guests were SFGMC’s own HOMOPHONY do “Who Spiked the Eggnog” and “We Three Impossible Kings”; more THE GUILD OF THE PACIFIER with “My Santa’s Boyfriend” and “What is this?” ” from Nightmare before christmas. This show also served as a teaser for the SFGMC’s Christmas Eve show, 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the Castro Theater. Not to spoil anything, but on December 24, expect incredible choreography, dancing and antics as well as magnificent vocals. And expect to see a whole bunch of nuns, drag queens and the usual holiday characters, plus some pretty weird ones! https://www.sfgmc.org/

Sister Dana Sez: “The good news is that the horrible Republican Representative Nunes is retiring from the House! The crazy news is that he is becoming CEO of Trump’s “Truth Social” media platform! Neither truth nor social, is it ?! “

President Joe Biden appoints a gay man to head the personnel office of his White House. Gautam Raghavan, currently deputy director of OFFICE OF PRESIDENTIAL STAFF, will be appointed director following the selection of current director Catherine Russell to become executive director of UNICEF, the White House announced. During the Obama administration, Raghavan was the White House’s liaison with the LGBTQ community and the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. He worked to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the military ban on gay and bisexual people.

Sister Dana Sez, “It is such a victory that on December 9 the Court of Appeals ruled against Trump in his attempt to block his administration’s revealing documents regarding the insurgency!” Now we challenge the Supreme Court to even TRY to interfere with justice! “

RHINOCEROS THEATER will present RHINO HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA 2021 December 30 at 8 p.m. at the Gateway Theater, 215 Jackson. Join a powerful artist Tanika Baptist (as host), rhino star and comedian Justin Lucas (Half-way ! and Breaking the code), a singer Leandra Ramm (Judy Garland in The boy of Oz), crooner Police officer A singer (Hot Greek Boys), artist of the spoken word Stan rock (Pandemic shows), drag artist Elsa Touch (The edge), actor / composer Jesús U. BettaWork (2019 NYE Spectacular), the cast of Gourmets: The Musical (David Goodwin, Kim Larsen, Lisa McHenry and Deborah Russo) and more! It will be an evening of song, dance, comedy, party, with drinks, food, raffles and a huge balloon drop, an entire day before NEW YEAR’S EVE! (The night before my birthday). Who could ask for more? http://therhino.org/

Sister Dana Sez: “I won’t write to you until next year, so let me wish you all a very happy Queer New Year! Twenty twenty-two: there is nothing we cannot do !!! “

Posted on December 16, 2021