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ran max settings, video turned off, video turned off at Windows password screen


I installed Arma 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. I had played Company of Heroes without any problems.

I played Arma 3 at very high settings with long draw distances as well.

In the middle of the game, like 20 minutes after starting Arma 3, the video went blank but I could hear the sound.

Since then, the video turns off with the video card on the Windows password screen like 98% of the time (except for a few rare times where I let it sit for a long time and then it seems to go past the password screen. Windows password for like 2 -3 minutes before turning off the video again).

I turned the video to CPU graphics in BIOS and can sit on the desktop for a long time and everything looks ok. But it will crash or not load the game even in the company of heroes often and I haven’t tried Arma 3 or Battlefield Bad Company 2 since.

If I can solve the problem before that. I would be helped by getting the video card working before Tuesday this week as I am using Revit for rendering. With my workflow, I needed the fast renderings that the video card made possible. Otherwise, renderings will take a long time. It’s still much faster without the GPU than with my laptop!

I did a clean install of windows and reinstalled the video drivers for the GPU even though it is currently running video from the CPU.

So this is the situation. What should I do? How can I troubleshoot further?

The system is:

Power supply = Corsair CX500M
OS = Windows 10 Home
Processor = Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz 4cpus processor
RAM = 16 GB (two RAM chips … one is Spektek and the other is Offtek)
GPU = GTX 780Ti 3 GB
Motherboard = ASUS (it says there with directX 11 support … I have the DirectX 12 version is this a problem?

Other relevant information is that I found how to connect the power cable by finding it from guides / etc. Everything worked great for a long time with a lot of Company of Heroes renderings and games played. It took a pear shape when I installed Arma 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 and hasn’t worked since. (it’s been a few days now)

Also the fan gets really loud when it crashes in the company of heroes now from the processor with the GPU turned off (but when I turn off the advanced video settings it will go for the hero company running on the processor and not on the GPU)

Also, tThe GPU is always recognized under the device manager.

From Device Manager:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti


PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0

Device Status:

The device is working properly.


PCI VEN_10DE & DEV_100A & SUBSYS_36281458 & REV_A1 4 & 3834d97 & 0 & 0008 device requires additional installation.

List of conflicting devices:

No conflicts.


Driver service added (seven of them)

Device started

Device configured

Device installation requested

(every 21st over a period of 45 minutes)

Pretty sure the events may have taken place when I installed (one time only) the official NVIDEA drivers from the official site. It has only really worked on CPU graphics since reinstalling the operating system (Windows 10).

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