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PFC president mocked his quote from Michigan-Michigan state


At its core, the legitimacy of the college football qualifying ranking has always rested on a fragile foundation. A group of 13 people, all with varying ties to the schools they are responsible for ranking based on their footballing prowess, meet weekly and decide, through an obscure combination of measurements and face-to-face debates, which are the top 25 teams in the country are. Such a configuration is commonplace for breathtaking developments, which have not been lacking since the format’s inception in 2014.

But Tuesday night’s performance by committee chairman Gary Barta could take the cake for the more curious case of picking logic that has been put forward to justify the group’s decision. Speaking of the committee’s decision to put Michigan one place ahead of Michigan State, despite the Spartans winning the duel on October 30, Barta appeared to downplay the importance of watching the games themselves, which would appear. be the main requirement of the group’s work every Saturday.

“Set aside to watch the games, although that is certainly part of it,” Barta said. “But statistically in just about every category, offensively and defensively, Michigan wins over Michigan State.”

Unsurprisingly, the comments angered many in the college football media landscape, with many lambasting Barta for her reasoning. Check out some of the group’s best reactions below:

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