Home Computer graphics Nvidia has officially raised the prices of its RTX 30-series GPUs in Europe.

Nvidia has officially raised the prices of its RTX 30-series GPUs in Europe.


The new rates are up 5-6% across the board, which is bigger than it might seem at first glance. This amounts to 100 euros for the RTX 3090.

There has been no public outcry over price increases for RTX 30 Founders Edition graphics cards in the European Union. MSRPs don’t make sense these days because there aren’t enough graphics processing units (GPUs). If you’re looking to buy Founder’s Edition graphics cards, Nvidia is the only retailer in the European Union that will sell them for what they’re worth. They are not at the moment.

Old price New price Increase price/percentage
GeForce RTX 3060Ti 419 euros 443 euros 20€ / 5%
GeForce RTX 3070 519 euros 549 euros 30€ / 6%
GeForce RTX 3070Ti 619 euros 649 euros 30€ / 5%
GeForce RTX 3080 719 euros 759 euros 40€ / 6%
GeForce RTX 3080Ti 1119 euros 1269 euros 70€ / 6%
GeForce RTX 3090 €1,549 €1,649 €100 / 6.5%

* Table data sourced from Geman Computerbase

Prices for Nvidia graphics cards in the European Union have risen for the second time in two years, with the last 3-4% rise occurring in January 2021 in response to a change in tax rates. This time, Nvidia says the additional increase is simply a result of the current exchange rate. According to the company, it is difficult to estimate the number of units it sells directly to customers, but it is unlikely to be a significant quantity, which means that the price increase will not affect many customers. Unfortunately, given ongoing shortages of other components needed to manufacture graphics cards, the improved supply is unlikely to have a substantial impact on pricing in the near future. Let us hope for the best.

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