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NFL players roast Eli Apple after Super Bowl LVI loss


It’s never an easy thing to lose a Super Bowl, but getting roasted on Twitter immediately after giving up the game-winning touchdown is a new kind of difficulty.

Bengals cornerback Eli Apple was ruthlessly followed on Twitter following his team’s 23-20 loss to the Rams in Super Bowl LVI. Apple, who has made a lot of enemies lately, was trying to cover Cooper Kupp with a chance to win the Super Bowl and gave up the touchdown with just over a minute left in regulation.

Kupp then finished the game with two touchdowns and was named Super Bowl MVP after the game-winning touchdown. In January, Apple said it hated Giants and Saints fans — two fanbases of its former teams — and continued to trade jabs with them on Twitter. While with the Giants, then-Apple teammate Landon Collins called him a “cancer” in 2017, and he was eventually suspended by the team for “behavior prejudicial to the team.” ‘team”.

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One of Apple’s former teammates at Ohio State and with the Saints, Michael Thomas, quickly chimed in on Twitter. He just said, “Eli goes to eli.”

Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. tweeted Apple with a video of his Super Bowl ring and rubbed salt into the fresh wound.

“It’s cool my big brother!” Hardman said in the tweet. “You might have one someday.”

Images of burnt toast – mocking Apple getting burned – and smoldering memes (teasing Apple getting smoked by broads) flooded Twitter and Saints cornerback CJ Gardner-Johnson loved it.

Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman simply tweeted the apple emoji and teammate Marquise Brown fired herself. Lamar Jackson joined his broads with the fun but got a little more creative. He posted a meme of him smoking a cigarette with some good old fashioned laughing emojis.

Apple was particularly active on social media during the Cincinnati playoffs. But he has remained silent since the defeat.

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