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Local man pays dues to start pest control business »Harvey County Now


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By Wendy Nugent, Harvey County Now

NEWTON — The name of the company says it all — Super Fly Bug Guy.

Bret Barnes is the owner of the business, which emerged globally during the pandemic.

“At Mojo’s Coffee Shop, that’s where he was born,” Barnes said of the company name. “Super Fly Bug Guy was born last March in the midst of COVID. “

It was a twist of fate that gave birth to the company, as Barnes started working for the Newton Fire Department / EMS in 2014 when he moved to town. He said most firefighters have second jobs, so he basically got into pest control when he started with the fire department, working for a local company.

“I started this on my days off,” he said, adding that the firefighters were on 24 hours and 48 hours. He worked for the pest control company and the fire department until 2008, when he suffered a neck injury.

He had various treatments, which were not completely effective, before having neck surgery. With the injury, he lost control of his left arm.

“Through physical therapy, I was able to gain sensation in my left arm and 100 percent of my strength,” said Barnes.

After the operation, he and his surgeon spoke and the surgeon told him he had a good chance of getting injured again.

“I decided to hang up,” he said of his job in the fire department. “I wanted to be healthy when I was older. “

After that, Barnes worked for a financial consulting firm and found out it wasn’t for him. He didn’t like sitting at the desk all day. He’s a go-getter.

“I have a business degree with a certificate in entrepreneurship,” he said.

So when financial advice didn’t work out, Barnes decided to pursue his own business.

“I built it from scratch,” he said. “First I had to come up with a name. It just occurred to me to have coffee at Mojo’s on my own. I called. [my wife], and she said, “Absolutely not. “

She didn’t like the name Super Fly Bug Guy. But then Barnes spoke to a friend, who wanted to know what Barnes’ business would be called, and he told him more boring names, as well as Super Fly Bug Guy. She liked the latter name very much.

So Barnes told his wife he was going to ignore her thoughts. From there he called a company, speaking to a graphic designer, who came up with a logo, which is now a registered trademark.

“I didn’t know what I was doing by starting a business,” Barnes said, adding that he knew how to make a legitimate business legal, as he put it.

“When I decided I was going to start my business, I knew I was not going to be able to support my family when it was just starting out,” he said.

He found a job at Cintas, getting up at 3 a.m. to make his way. First of all, he had 10 weeks of training. Barnes worked for them four days a week, then in the afternoons and evenings he worked at his company Super Fly Bug Guy. After he got home he spent time with his family and after the family went to bed around 9 p.m. Barnes said he would take care of the billing.

“Get three hours of sleep and get up and do it again,” he said. “I didn’t want my family to be financially stressed.

He was able to leave Cintas after a little over a year and now has his business full time.

“It wasn’t fun,” he said of paying his dues and not getting much sleep. “I was tired. I was working weekends.

He said he was grateful for working so hard and grateful for the experience of only getting a few hours of sleep. This allowed him to start his business.

“The fact that I could work my own schedule was huge,” he said at the time.

He left Cintas around March or April.

The business “exploded” with the job, Barnes said, adding they were finalists in one of the top contests.

“It’s a huge honor to have this support in the community,” said Barnes.

The company’s No.1 goal, he said, is customer satisfaction.

They also like to help.

“We are trying to donate to local charities,” he said, adding that they for example sponsored a hole at the Vince Garcia golf tournament.

“We try to give back because we know that none of this is possible without our customers and the community,” he said. “If we can give back to help Newton grow, we want to.”

The services they provide include a full pest control service, like general treatments, treating the interior and exterior of buildings as often as customers want and insect infestations, such as elimination. German cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs and termites. For termites, Barnes does inspections and treatments.

“We work with a lot of real estate agents,” he said. “We also carry out rodent control. “

He said he does not do bird and skunk removal, although he does do snakes.

Super Fly Bug Guy serves Harvey County, Wichita, Derby, Andover, Goddard, McPherson, Maize and El Dorado.

They serve residential and commercial customers, and they can do general treatments as often as customers want. The majority of his clients take him out every three months. He has a part-time employee who helps him with more important work.

Contact information

Those wishing to contact Barnes can do so on the company’s Facebook page, Instagram, and superflybuguyllc.com.


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