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Kevin Costner finally forgiven for Waterworld – The Betoota Advocate



Hollywood boomer sex icon Kevin Costner was forgiven for all his sins in the mid-90s, it has been confirmed.

It comes as the Yellowstone Season 4 finale, which aired on January 2, was the most-watched episode of the series to date with 9.3 million US viewers. The most-watched TV show since the premiere of Season 8 of The Walking Dead, which drew 11.4 million viewers in 2017.

In the dramatic western, Kevin Costner plays John Dutton – the patriarch of the iconic Dutton family, owners of Montana’s largest ranch who clash with local developers, government and Indian tribes in their efforts to raise cattle in the wild northwestern United States. .

Costner is also listed as an executive producer on the hit TV show, leading many to believe he may be back in shape.

It comes nearly three decades after the 66-year-old oversaw what is widely regarded as the biggest hit flop since CGI was invented.

The 1995 release of “Waterworld” – a 1995 American post-apocalyptic action film starring Kevin Costner, who also produced it – is widely regarded as one of the biggest bombshells in Hollywood history.

While great in theory, the film centered around the character of Kevin Costner – a wanderer both human and gillfish trying to survive in a future world where melting ice caps have flooded the surface world as we see it. known – with a sea level of over 7,600 m (25,000 ft), covering almost the entire territory.

Originally planned as a $ 100 million ‘Mad Max on the water’ adventure, Kevin Costner’s production suffered from natural disasters, including a multi-million dollar set destroyed by a hurricane, rewrites, production setbacks et al, which inflated the final cost to a then a record 175 million dollars.

When the film finally opened in theaters, it received poor reviews and ultimately sank Costner’s profile as a big name in Hollywood action flicks of this size.

That was, until he threw off the cowboy hat and emerged from the wilderness 27 years later, as John Dutton, the imperfect rancher from Montana who runs a multi-million dollar ranch. dollars in Montana.

The rebirth of Costner, colloquially called the Cost, sparked hope among his followers that a Waterworld remake could be possible – with enough funds and resources to really do it this time around.

Because in hindsight the original wasn’t that bad, it was probably a little too ahead of its time. As if the computer graphics weren’t that good back then. He should definitely give it another chance.