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Jesse Edwards Post-Game Transcript: Wake Forest


Syracuse fell 77-74 in overtime at Wake Forest. After the game, Syracuse center Jesse Edwards spoke to the media about the loss.

Q: The team tied a season high today with 20 fouls in regulation. How important are these faults?

Edwards: “It was a game-changer for us. It’s something, obviously, that I played a big part in. I got too much too quickly. Last two games and now I’ve had a hard time avoiding problem faults. Something I can’t do anymore. It obviously hurt us. Something I’m going to have to keep working on. ”

Q: When guards have trouble shooting, is there something you and the rest of the attackers try to do to make them look more open?

Edwards: “We have a bunch of great shooters and each shooter will have one or two offsets. It’s something that everyone goes through, I guess. I always have confidence in them to keep shooting, whatever a bad or a good game. Because they’re ‘We’re all great shooters and they’ll come back great. I believe so. Whether there’s a different game plan or something like that, we trust them as they trust me. We will continue to play the same games. Obviously not the same exact games, we will try to tweak a bit to improve ourselves. But these are great shooters and they will come back. ”

Q: On your fifth foul, did you have a chance to say to yourself, “Maybe I should let him score? ”

Edwards: “I haven’t played that long so I never really got the real position that I have now that I really maybe have to let games like that go. Let something like that slide. When I think about it, it’s something that might help us for sure if I drop that or put my hands up and don’t jump. But at that point my instinct is to jump , to go, to challenge it. It was just my instinct, I guess. ”

Q: What are your coaches telling you in practice about how to avoid these abusive calls?

Edwards: “What we’ve been working on has been going pretty well from the last two games until this one. The little faults, like I have two stupid ones. At the back, just scoring faults. where I could avoid them. They won It doesn’t help the team as much as contesting a shot when they go into the basket. These are good faults. Just eliminate any stupid and tricky tackles, for- above the type of back faults. That’s the main goal. ”

Q: Can you explain the last game in overtime to me? What was the game plan there? Was it to give Buddy a chance or was someone else supposed to?

Edwards: “I think that was the idea for Buddy or Joe or one of the shooters to get, obviously, a three point pointer. It was a game for either one or the other.”