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Jahki Howard joins Donda Academy, a school supported by Kanye West


Jahki Howard, a 2024 basketball rookie, has announced his transfer to Donda Academy, a school supported by rapper and businessman Kanye West.

“I will move to California and transfer to Donda Academy, I want THANKS NORCROSS and the whole BLUE DEVIL FAMILY WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAMILY,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

The 6’6 “wing is a sophomore at Norcross, Ga. And a five-star rookie, according to ESPN.

The new private school is located in Simi Valley, Calif., According to the Indy Star. Another five-star recruit, Jalen Hooks, also signed up to the private school and told the Indy Star it is a “great opportunity”.

“It’s just one of those things that you can’t pass up,” Hooks told the Indy Star. “It was also more of a family decision. We all felt it was a chance to reach my full potential, grow and prepare for college.

The new school is also set to land 2023 five-star point guard Robert Dillingham, by Samad Hines from National Business Insider High School.

Donda Academy, named after West’s mother, shares the name of her latest album titled Donda. The new school shared its mission statement in September.

Donda Academy will be a private K-12 school and will only have 60 students in total, but tuition will be free, according to MTV News.

“The Donda Academy prepares students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators by providing them with a world-class education,” school education consultant Beulah McLoyd told MTV News.

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