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Former Blizzard Employee Introduces MEKA Team Concept




Photo courtesy of u / ZenofyMedia

A former Blizzard employee and current NYXL designer posted a brilliant design from the MEKA team. This is the fictional team that D.Va is a part of, which means there are other mechs. This is where Ben Zhang comes in. As players desperately await news of Overwatch 2, designs like these show the incredible potential of the upcoming installment. There are a lot of characters that have been mentioned in some sort of Blizzard media, but never given an actual playable character.

The four mechs and their pilots all seem unique and could provide some much needed hype for Overwatch 2.

While Overwatch is still in the works given that there was a new patch on Thursday, fans just want Overwatch 2. And supposedly, we’ll have some news from Overwatch 2 soon.

Sam ‘s9mm’ Santos said there was “too much of a wait” after a secret developer meeting with the professionals and content creators earlier in December.

“The news I heard on Overwatch 2?” It’s hype like hell. Not too much of a wait, ”he said during a stream on Twitch. While he couldn’t elaborate on what Blizzard said during the presentation, it is finally an update for fans who are waiting for Overwatch 2.

There’s been a lot going on at Blizzard lately, plus you’re launching a pandemic and it’s totally okay that the game has been delayed so much. but that doesn’t mean fans won’t be impatient.