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Fixed screen dimming when playing full screen games on Windows PC


When playing your favorite games on Windows 11/10 PC, does your screen go dark or dark? Well, it’s not just you who are bothered by this problem. Sometimes when playing games in full screen, the screen may start to look a lot darker or darker than you need it to be, and you will have to close your eyes to realize that it is. a problem with the monitor or display. In this article, we take a look at different ways to fix the issue in order to fix the full screen screen dimming issue on Windows.

Why does the screen go dark when playing games on Windows?

There could be a number of reasons. A recent Windows update, a problem with the driver, or your monitor or laptop settings may reduce the brightness.

Auto dimming function: The first likely reason, although not the most common, is that it may be due to the auto-dimming attribute found on your computer screen. The monitor has an auto-dimming feature that automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness the moment you start playing. This usually happens when the game is optimized for lower brightness settings or if your screen recognizes that you may not need the extra brightness for that game.

Ambient sensor in laptops: This is more common among laptop users, as some gaming laptops have a light sensor that recognizes light needs and dims the screen. So when you play a game in the dark, the brightness will be reduced to optimize and balance the surrounding light level with your screen. The laptop also tries to conserve your battery to play for longer as games consume more power.

GPU settings: For your Windows 11/10 PC, if you are using a separate graphics card, it might also be a problem due to the graphics card settings. Sometimes the settings are configured so that when you start a game it displays a completely different color, making your screen less bright than it should be.

Windows Update and Drivers: Finally, the most common reason is your Windows 11/10 drivers. After updating your Windows PC, the drivers may need an update to work with the operating system. Sometimes older drivers will cause dimming due to configuration mismatch. Make sure to update the driver and configure settings through GPU software.

Fixed screen dimming when playing full screen games on PC

One of the above-mentioned issues could be a likely reason for the screen to darken during playback. The only way to determine the root cause is to implement quick fixes and troubleshooting to resolve the issue.

  1. Disabling adaptive brightness
  2. Auto-dimming functions of the monitor
  3. Install pending Windows driver updates
  4. Restoring or reinstalling your display driver
  5. Graphics card settings

Here are some ways to prevent the screen from going dark while playing games on your Windows 11/10 computer:

1]Disabling adaptive brightness

Most laptops have an adaptive brightness feature that allows them to change the brightness based on the ambient light. You can change that.

You need to go to Control Panel, go to Power Options> Change Plan Settings> Change Advanced Power Settings. Find Display and find Turn on Adaptive Brightness below. Check if the adaptive brightness function has been activated; disable it. You may need to turn it off for On Battery and Plugged in.

Turn on adaptive brightness

If the adaptive brightness is due to your computer’s power saving mode, go to Power Options and switch the computer’s power mode to standard settings. If you are using a laptop, you can do the same on the battery icon in the system tray.

If you can’t find the adaptive brightness setting in the power options or display settings, it is not supported on your laptop.

2]Automatic monitor dimming functions

If you think the main reason for auto dimming is the monitor itself, as it has auto dimming function, you can confirm it by using another monitor. If the issue is resolved, the original monitor has an active auto-dimming feature. You can read the monitor’s manual or view its settings to turn off the auto-dimming function.

You can change it using the monitor software or using the hardware button at the bottom of the monitor which displays the on-screen menu.

3]Installation of pending Windows driver updates

Windows 10 Optional Update

If you updated your Windows 11/10 computer, some of the drivers may not have been updated. Windows now offers optional OEM driver updates and you must install them manually.

Go to Settings> Windows Update> Advanced options> Optional updates. Find the graphics card driver. If available, install and restart. Another approach would be to download from the OEM website and install it manually.

4]Roll back or reinstall your display driver

You may need to cancel the driver if your new display drivers are incompatible with the old game because the screen goes dark when you play. To do this, go to Device Manager> Right click on display adapters> Select properties.

Switch to the Driver tab and select restore if the option is available to you. This option is usually available for a few days after the recent update. It will revert the driver to a previous version which may be compatible with the game you are playing. Make sure to restart once.

5]Graphics card settings

intel control panel

If there is a problem with the graphics card settings, go to the graphics card settings page to find the problem. Each OEM offers an app that allows you to change GPU settings. Once you get the hang of it, it will be easy to find the settings that will make your screen darker. For example, NVIDIA offers video color settings where you can change the brightness levels.

Why does the laptop screen go dark when unplugged?

Because laptops run on battery power, whenever they are unplugged, the power profile switches to a mode where the battery can last longer. Since the screen is one of the main components that consumes the most battery power, the brightness is reduced.

If you want to keep the same level of brightness, go to the power options of the battery settings and turn off the dimming of the display settings. In a laptop, the screen dimming is normal when the charger is unplugged. Go to Control Panel> Power Options. Click to open the power plan, then select Advanced settings. Scroll to the “Battery ON” parameter. Next, turn off the display setting’s attenuation.

Is it good for your eyes to lower the light?

It is not a good idea to use the PC or laptop in extremely low light. It will only tire your eyes. However, to make your eyes comfortable and protect them from long-term effects, you need to reduce the brightness to a comfortable enough level.

The question points to an issue that occurs when playing in the dark, and low screen brightness can be a problem when played on a daily basis. The best way to deal with this problem is to keep a light on the back of your monitor to reduce stress.

You can also try features like Night Light, F.LUX which change the temperature or color of the screen, but when it comes to gaming, they can turn off the mood of gamers.

Many people buy computers for many reasons, but playing games is one of the main reasons for this investment. You can find custom gaming PCs and laptops, and people build their PCs with the requirements to comfortably play their favorite games. But still, if the screen goes dark, it’s not pleasant. Hope the suggested solutions worked for you and you were able to enjoy the game as you always intended.

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