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DaBaby responds to married woman who claims she tried to hit her


Ms LaTruth claims DaBaby was doing business with her husband and asked someone to put him in touch with her, but the rapper calls Cap.

A woman has brought charges against DaBaby and the rapper has returned to social media with his side of the story. Social media influencer and author Briana Hampton, known as Ms LaTruth, has millions of social media followers on various platforms, but today (October 6) she shared alleged screenshots between another woman and DaBaby.

According to these screenshots, DaBaby reached out to the other woman to connect him to LaTruth. He talked about finding LaTruth attractive, so the woman agreed. LaTruth claims these are valid screenshots and that she not only shared them on her social media, but she also wrote a lengthy caption to detail her devotion to her husband.

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“The ultimate disrespect for me is having someone intervene in your dm who 1) not only knows your groom, 2) was doing business with my husband, 3) I am the BIHHH of person and 4) disrespect my husband and my marriage !!! ” she wrote. “Some people would say you should just ignore it, but NAH this is the ultimate disrespect that I can’t look beyond my profile,” MRSLATRUTH clearly says and my husband is LATRUTH the person your team has. too often spoken. “

“He went behind my husband and sent a wife to do her dirty work hoping it didn’t come back to my husband and thought I would keep quiet because of who you are !!” LaTruth added. “No I’m NOT one of themmmmm. Those women you used to deal with who would jump out of a moving car just to fuck with you! I’m STRONG and I can’t be impressed by no man except my husband. “

In response, DaBaby shared a video of himself denying being the person responsible for the posts.

“Whoever one of you graphic designer nigga took my name and that blue check and made that DM fucking fake ass looking like I’m here trying to slip into a woman DM, you fucking dead wrong, said the rapper. “Real bad, nigga. And I don’t even speak like that. Pick up my lingo a little better next time around and maybe that will create some bigger blogging sites … Make it sound a little more like me. “

Read the DMs, LaTruth’s post, and watch DaBaby’s denial below.


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