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Chagrin Falls Middle School, in its commitment to serving others, has planned a variety of Mo-Vember activities to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society …

CFMS raises funds for LLS

Chagrin Falls Middle School, in its commitment to serving others, has planned a variety of Mo-Vember activities to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Money was raised to see which employee would wear a wild wig all day on November 23.

The male staff continued to “Gro a Mo” and on November 23 received a face pie before shaving. Students also sold mustache masks, headbands, squishies, stickers, earrings and bracelets in the Innovation Center to raise funds. Students enjoyed planned daily dollar contests like Pin the “Stache on the Turkey, Stubble Selfies, Name This Celebrity” Stache, Name this “Style Stache and Horseshoes”.

Students continued to discuss the importance of gratitude, charity, and service and donated funds raised to LLS on Tuesday Giving. CFMS students and staff created gratitude journals, reflected on them weekly, and completed cost-benefit assessments.

“Actions take on new meaning when determining how different their lives would be if someone or something didn’t happen. It helps us all to value each other, ”said director Laila Discenza. “Strengthening philanthropic beliefs and tasks helps students develop empathy and positive relationships. “

In total, November’s No Shave activities raised $ 820, which was donated to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, which works tirelessly to find cures and ensure patients can access the life-saving treatments they need. .

CFHSS Students Gain Real-World Experience

Chagrin Falls High School students in the upper level computer graphics class had the opportunity to put their design skills to the test for a real client looking to advertise.

Dewey Forward, owner of the Popcorn Shop in Chagrin Falls, and his partner came to the class as clients, described their project, the history of their event and what they were looking for in a poster to publicize the evening. The event is the ninth annual New Years Eve popcorn ball launch, and Forward was looking to bring some flair to the event after settling for a virtual ball drop in 2020.

Seven students created posters announcing the event, including the date, time, location and sponsors. They had a week to create their designs, which had to include the information while being readable and visually interesting. Forward then had a weekend to review the designs and provided feedback for each. After two days of review, students received detailed commentary from art teacher Dawn Serazin, followed by final proof from Forward and his partner.

The posters have been printed and are on display at the Popcorn Shop and Yours Truly Restaurant for viewing until mid-December. Voting can be done on smartphones or paper ballots from the Popcorn store. The winner will be chosen on December 15th and on December 17th the poster will be distributed. Additionally, the art will be used as the label for this year’s special popcorn flavor created by Popcorn Shop, just for the event.

The winner will also receive a cash prize of $ 50. All participating students will receive goodies from the store. The computer graphics students are sophomore Dylan Babic, juniors Shelby Brett, Logan Holmes and Liam Ratcliffe, and seniors Preston O’Connor, Sam Partain and Ryan Reid.

“Everyone found it to be a fun and valuable experience and they are very happy to have their work displayed in the community and seen by many,” said Serazin.

CFMS students of the month

The mission of the Students of the Month at Grief Falls Middle School is to recognize and reward students for their exemplary performance. Students describe the techniques of the tiger: reflection, integrity, courage, effort and responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female “Tiger of the Month” and students are given personalized tiger water bottles from the PTO.

The students for the month of November are seventh graders Abigail Babic and Josh Vasko and eighth graders Reagan Burnight and Harrison Horvath.

Abigail Babic is a leader in the math class. She always works hard in class and is ready to push herself and help her classmates. Abby is a willing participant and always asks good questions. Abby is a real asset to her class. She is always polite and kind in English class and brings so much joy and depth when she speaks and engages in literature and creative writing. In the humanities, Abby is interested in the subjects taught, she is quick with a response and very kind to her classmates. She takes the time to help others during class. Abby was a rock star in the first quarter of Project Lead the Way. She led each class in the discussions and demonstrated incredible innovation and creativity.

Josh Vasko is a complete student dedicated to all of his work both inside and outside the classroom. In Book Club, students can count on him to do his part and take initiatives. During the writing workshop, her enthusiasm is contagious and sets an engaging and motivated tone. Josh is a motivator, enjoys working beyond expected demands. Josh is helpful and continues to focus and stay on topic in class. Josh leads with integrity in the classroom and is always participatory and engaged. He encourages others to do their best and is a positive and caring student.

Reagan Burnight is a polite and kind young woman. She always gives the best of herself in everything she does. She works hard to figure out new ideas. Reagan’s smile is infectious, even through her mask, and she has a great sense of humor. In English class, Reagan works hard on his homework and cares about his grades. She’s nice to everyone in every class and is a true leader in eighth grade, especially showing what an exemplary work ethic looks like.

Harrison Horvath is always up to the task and prepared for the class. He is kind, polite, and willing to ask questions and / or help others. Harrison is good at modifying and learning from mistakes in his practical work. He always has a smile on his face and engages in conversations with his teachers. In English class, Harrison is always trying to improve. He is kind, funny and polite. He goes above and beyond and uses every opportunity he has to continue his learning. He is committed with his team and is ready to think outside the box.