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Carnage Cosplay Proves Comic-Accurate Symbiotes Are Scarier Than CGI


The Venom movies once again popularize Spider-Man’s villainous symbiotes. As a result, a fan created one of Carnage’s most chilling costumes yet.

Cletus Kasady, aka Carnageis one of the most sinister Spider-Man villains in the Marvel Universe and a fan just brought this character to life in a spooky disguise. Due to the popularity of Sony Venom: let there be carnageother fans of the red symbiote have also created incredibly accurate cosplays.

Kasady first appeared in David Michelinie and Erik Larsen The Amazing Spider-Man #344 as a cannibalistic serial killer. While incarcerated at Ryker’s Island, he meets his notorious cellmate, Eddie Brock, aka Venom. Brock makes it clear that he is horrified by his cellmate’s disturbing ideologies, so Kasady begins a plan to kill him. Just as Kasady is about to stab him with a knife, the symbiote returns to Eddie Brock and Venom escapes. However, the Venom symbiote fathered a child and fused with Kasady’s blood. In amazing spider man #360, Cletus finally reveals himself as Carnage and becomes arguably Spider-Man’s most vicious enemy.


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the Menacing Carnage cosplay can be found on Reddit by user F0URPL4Y, who also created and wears the costume. The set really brings the evil comic book character to life. The colors make the symbiote stand out; the blacks, reds, and whites merge seamlessly and present fans with Carnage identical to Mark Bagley’s original 1990s design. The comments only add to the hype as fans talk about how Carnage’s costume “looks like a statue” proving that sometimes a practically designed costume can be more haunting than the computer graphics used in blockbuster movies.

While Carnage has changed over the years, most fans’ favorite design is still in the classic ’90s style. Based on the 1995 comic book by Larry Hama and Andrew Wildman Venom: Unleashed Carnage #1, the “Totally hostile neighborhood carnageis suggested to be physically stronger and more agile than his predecessors – Venom and Spider-Man. In this comic, Carnage uses his symbiote tendrils through a computer line. Kasady’s bloodlust only fuels his symbiote to push past his limits, violently proving why this villain makes perfect sense that so many comic book fans who grew up in the ’90s enjoyed Carnage so much.

Even without powers, Cletus Kasady is probably Spider-Man’s scariest and most serious villain. The fact that a cannibal can have a symbiote proves just how deadly Carnage is. In addition to that, Carnage isn’t just a Spider-Man villain; he is also one of Venom’s most treacherous rivals. Fans like F0URPL4Y recognize that even though Venom: let there be carnage is not completely devoid of horror elements, sometimes practical disguise can be more haunting and comedic than the CGI of a feature film.

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