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Buccaneers-Giants: Joe Judge hints at Jason Garrett’s sacking


Jason Garrett could soon find himself without a job

The Buccaneers came in on Monday night in need of a win. After two losses and a pass, it had been almost a month since their last win (Oct. 24 against the Bears). Fortunately they were playing against the Giants.

Tampa Bay won 30-10 but frankly it’s a miracle New York managed to score. Daniel Jones completed 23 of 38 passes for 167 yards with one interception and two touchdowns. The Giants converted only one of nine third-down attempts. They had a pathetic 215-yard total offense and had just three plays over 15 yards. Their only touchdown was that rigged (almost missed) pass to offensive tackle Andrew Thomas who intervened after a lucky interception put the Giants in place with a first and a goal of 5.

It was an embarrassing night for the top-down offensive. Prized running back Saquon Barkley, finally healthy again after missing most of last season with an ACL tear and the last four games with an ankle injury, has carried the ball just six times . New York’s biggest free agent acquisition, Kenny Golladay, who signed a four-year, $ 72 million deal ahead of this season, caught just one pass (on the Giants’ third game of the game ) and has only been targeted twice. The list is lengthened increasingly. Maybe it’s better just spectacle what the giants were doing.

What is that?! Have you ever seen three offensive players collide in midfield during an NFL game? It’s the kind of miscommunication you’re more likely to see in your family’s two-handed touchdown play on Thanksgiving.

A college basketball coach once told me, “Attack is about creating space, defense is about taking space. It’s cliché, simplistic, and about a different sport, but it’s the first thing I thought about when I saw this piece. Daniel Jones could be terrible, but even Tom Brady wouldn’t be able to do anything with three receivers playing locking cover on top of each other.

As ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky points out in the tweet above, this game is the fault of the coaching staff. And that wasn’t the only mistake from offensive coordinator and game caller Jason Garrett. There was the aforementioned inability to get the ball into the hands of the Giants’ greatest offensive weapons, as well as a fourth and 1 game where New York lined up in a heavy lineup with Collin Johnson as the only wide receiver and Jones without. success aimed at him. (Johnson is ninth on the team for targets this year.)

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So it should come as no surprise that head coach Joe Judge hinted during his post-game press conference that Garrett may soon be out of work.

“We have to do a better job of scoring points,” said Judge. “I know this sounds pretty obvious and to the point, but I’m just going to be blunt: we have to do a better job of putting our players in a position to make plays. We have good players. We need to put them in a better position to take advantage of it. That’s it. We have to make sure we sit down tomorrow as coaches to understand how we have to play this game to give our players a chance to make games.

“As a player there are some things that frustrated me as well.”

When asked if he still trusted Garrett as the offensive coordinator, Judge gave an evasive answer:

“I trust everyone on our team – the players, the coaches, everyone,” he said. “But listen, we’ll assess everything as a team, do whatever we need to do to move forward.”

This last line is quite revealing of the judge’s feelings towards Garrett, much like what he said when a reporter tried to ask a follow-up question. Even before the reporter could finish his sentence, the judge retorted, “I’m not going to get to the heart of the matter for the moment.

As a Giants fan who spent most of the second half getting a head start on his Christmas shopping – hey, if the Giants weren’t going to be productive, I might as well be – j can’t wait to see Garrett send his bags.

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