Home Illustration Broncos Rumors: Eagles QB Gardner Minshew Named ‘Ideal Business Target’

Broncos Rumors: Eagles QB Gardner Minshew Named ‘Ideal Business Target’


No sooner had the Denver Broncos given up on their fourth straight game than speculation from the quarterback began to heat up to fever pitch.

With their season on the brink, Bleacher Report has advised the Broncos to replace hobbled starter Teddy Bridgewater with Philadelphia Eagles replacement Gardner Minshew – the “perfect business target” before the Nov. 2 NFL trade deadline.

“Gardner Minshew also tends to be precise, and he has a creative side as well, especially when things get really hot around him,” wrote BR columnist Brent Sobleski, comparing Minshew to Bridgewater. “At worst, the Broncos would have another starting option to consider. The solution still wouldn’t be on the roster. Even so, a team shouldn’t stop looking for potential improvements, especially at the most important position in the game. . ”

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A bit of a cult favorite, Minshew, 25, is yet to make a game this year after the Philadelphia Eagles acquired the former starter from the Jaguars in August for a sixth-round pick in 2022. He is currently option # 3 behind Jalen Hurts and former Broncos QB Joe Flacco.

Minshew, a 2019 sixth rounder from Washington State, threw 5,530 yards, 37 touchdowns and 11 interceptions of 62.9% in 23 games (20 starts) at Jacksonville.

Under the control of a rookie until 2023, Minshew has remaining payroll expenses of $ 850,000 and $ 965,000.

But given that the Broncos initially passed on Minshew and seemed reluctant to play Drew Lock, and as long as Vic Fangio remains head coach, this trade deal is unlikely to be done.

Following Thursday’s 17-14 loss to Cleveland, Fangio lent his support to Bridgewater, who scored 23 of 33 for 187 yards, two touchdowns and an INT while battling diseases of the feet and quads.

“I thought he played well, especially there in the second half,” Fangio said. “I don’t think Teddy’s injuries from my perspective affected him that much. I thought he was brave. He’s our quarterback.

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