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Atlanta Falcons LISTEN: How to judge Coach Arthur Smith?


Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith struggled to gain a foothold as head coach for the first time, but again, so do most head coaches. NFL rookies.

Other than Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers, no rookie head coach has won more than one game, including Smith.

Smith has enjoyed tremendous success as the Tennessee Titans’ offensive coordinator over the past two seasons, but it hasn’t quite followed him in Atlanta.

In a Week 4 loss to Washington, Smith is criticized for his call to play during crucial fourth-quarter practice where the Falcons held a two-point lead but chose to throw the ball with a struggling Mike Davis instead of Cordarrelle Patterson, who scored three touchdowns in Sunday’s loss.

The fourth quarter has been a deciding factor in each of Atlanta’s last three games, but Smith was only able to save a win in one of those contests.

Coaching comes down to two things: putting your team in a position to win and executing the right plan once the match is on. Smith did a decent job of putting his team in winnable scenarios, but didn’t have it all. actually cracked the code to bring it home.

Smith has time, given he’s a rookie, but in terms of critics’ heat, the 2021 clock could soon run out if he doesn’t fix it quickly.

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In this episode of “Locked On Falcons,” host Aaron Freeman invites Allen Strk (The F Alcohol) to recap the Falcons’ loss in Washington in Week 4 and discuss their thoughts on Smith’s first month in office. .

They discuss Matt Ryan’s ‘flawless’ performance against Washington, the use of Cordarrelle Patterson, and ways the Falcons can get the most out of their defense before assessing Smith’s play appeal and impact. on the team over the four weeks of the 2021 season.

Aaron deals with all of this and more in this episode of “Locked On Falcons”. For more podcasts and information, join us here.

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