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AMD Does Not Prioritize Cryptominers Over Gamers As Radeon RX Stock Remains Tight


AMD CFO Devinder Kumar said that amid a global semiconductor shortage affecting everything from cars to graphics cards, Team Red is not prioritizing cryptominers over gamers in terms of who can purchase the company’s latest Big Navi graphics card.

Kumar said AMD has had a fantastic year financially: “We started the year with a 37% increase in revenue” Kumar said. “And really, it was at the start of the year, we wanted to make sure from a sourcing point of view, in particular, that we could be confident in terms of everything we need, from pads to substrates and also ATMP capacity. We increased that to 50% and then 50 to 60%. “

“I would say the demand for the products was strong and actually got stronger,” Kumar added.

The numbers have not been broken down specifically by product category – instead, AMD’s Ryzen processors and Radeon RX graphics cards have both been grouped into the Compute and Graphics segment, according to Extreme technology. This segment saw substantial gains from sales of processors and graphics cards, the latter being much more difficult to find at retail for various factors.

Analysis: AMD’s crypto windfall cannot be ignored forever

The fact that AMD has to specifically answer the crypto question is really an issue of AMD’s own making.

The company hasn’t been quite forthright about its stance on cryptominers buying all of its cards to put them to work in cryptomines. Nvidia is much more open about its desire to see its cards enter the hands of more players than AMD, to the point of even publicly exploring how much of its graphics card revenue is tied to cryptomining.

Meanwhile, AMD doesn’t seem to want anyone to notice that their cards are popular choices for cryptominers and appear to be out of stock pretty much everywhere for everyone.

It’s only a short time before gamers start paying attention, even among the most dedicated AMD fans, and wondering which side is AMD on.


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