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A Wadena meeting changed the trajectory of a bilingual teacher’s life – Wadena Pioneer Journal


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article takes a look at the life of a local naturalized citizen who positively impacts our communities. We hope to share more stories like this to show the strength of diversity in our region.

WADENA — Drinking a coffee as the sunlight streams in through the window, Gaby Moreano Wegscheid opens the doors of her heart to share her interesting story with us.

Gaby was born and raised in the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador, where the line of the center of the earth intersects. She comes from a prosperous family with a high level of education and human values. His parents, Patricio Moreano and Rubi Rodriguez, are recognized lawyers and professionals in their country and carry out very important work within Ecuadorian society.

Gaby has always been very proud of her parents as well as her brothers and sisters; Maria Jose, who currently lives in Quito and is president of the country’s Alliance Française, and her brother, Juan Esteban, who lives with his family in Dubai and works as a visual arts and design teacher at an international baccalaureate school .

At 17, and with the support of her parents, Gaby came as a foreign student to study at Wadena High School, where she met many Wadena students and made many friends through her charisma and his good humor.

Gaby Moreano Wegscheid came to Wadena as a foreign student and returned to the area shortly after a reunion brought her back to the community.

Photo courtesy of Carmen Urbina Oberton

Upon her return to Ecuador, she completed her studies as an English teacher and obtained a master’s degree in intelligence development. She continued her career with honors, standing out in her professional career in her hometown and at the same time became the mother of her eldest son Martin, who now lives and works as a graphic designer in Quito.

In 2015, Gaby is interested in applying for a work visa in the United States in order to practice her profession in this country. After a long and complicated process of paperwork and protocols, she was accepted into the state of North Carolina where she was employed as a teacher in the Kindergarten Dual Hispanic Immersion Program for two years.

While in North Carolina, she received an invitation from her high school classmates in Wadena to attend a high school reunion. She attended the reunion and also visited her host family who she lived with in high school.

At the reunion, she reconnected with her classmates, especially Brian Wegscheid. They begin a beautiful romance and a year later they marry in North Dakota, where Brian was living at the time. Since getting married they have moved back to Wadena and Brian works for Wadena County. They live a quiet and happy life with their son Sebastian, who is currently in Grade 12 at Verndale High School and plans to attend Central Lakes College to study graphic design.

“I greatly admire Brian for being a hardworking, honest man with many values, and I feel lucky to have him as my husband,” says Gaby.

Gaby is currently pursuing her career as an ESL English teacher at Long Prairie – Gray Eagle High School.
She adapted very well to the community and made new friends. Gaby is also a great example to the immigrant community of someone who can achieve goals and dreams. In addition to being very human and charismatic, she helps new immigrant students and their families to adapt and develop academically with values ​​and respect for the community and this country. Gaby also enjoys participating in events that support community inclusion.

Her favorite hobbies are spending time with her cat Nacho, her dog Red, reading and travelling.

“We never stop learning,” she says.

And we end the interview with this great message that she shares with us:

“Being bilingual is a great strength that has opened doors for me inside and outside my country.”

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