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3 sites with HD photos to boost your brand visuals


Best Sites to Download HD Photos for Business

Statistics show that people only memorize 10% of the information they read, while adding an image to text can improve memorization by 65%. This data proves that you can use professional, high-resolution images as a marketing tool to promote your business. Well-chosen visuals effectively illustrate key product specifications and attract more customers to your services. Read this article to learn more about the business benefits of using HD images and learn about the best platforms that offer royalty-free content for your business projects.

What is a high resolution image?

Some images look sharp, while others are pixelated after adding them to the project. File resolution has a direct impact on the clarity and visual appeal of your image.

Digital images can be vectors or rasters, differing in quality. Vector graphics are visuals made up of simple geometric shapes based on mathematical formulas. Simply put, illustrators create vector art from scratch using professional graphics editors. Raster images are visuals captured on cameras and digitized. They consist of pixel grids, where each pixel conveys a specific color.

Vector images always maintain a high quality because you can change the coordinates of the object and the formula recalculates automatically. You can enlarge vector images as much as needed and still see crisp, clean edges. Moreover, the vectors will not lose their quality even after considerable scaling. As with raster images, the number of pixels on the grid has an impact on image quality. Low resolution rasters are pixelated even at minimal zoom. High quality images are at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI). They are ideal for creating online marketing campaigns and printed materials.

Can a company use images from accessible Internet sources?

Newbie brand owners and start-ups can’t always organize professional photoshoots or create high-quality visuals on their own. They frequently use Google to search and download photos and other visual media for free. However, all images on accessible Internet sources are free for commercial use. Internet users may not know under which license a file is published, which leads to copyright infringement if misused.

Most free images on the Internet are commercially licensed, so you cannot use them to promote your products and services without legally acquiring the files from the original source. If you want to exploit an image like this, you must first obtain permission from a copyright holder or attribute the download source, which is not always suitable for businesses. Files must be licensed under Creative Commons to be used for free and without attribution. Generally, you should clarify additional usage details for a particular image to ensure full license compliance.

Where can you find high quality legal images?

Businesses and designers often spend a lot of time finding relevant files to use for legal business promotion. Online stock content marketplaces help simplify the research process and save resources on acquiring visuals. These are platforms where international contributors share their high-quality artwork, while internet users download these licensed files and use them for various projects and tasks.

Most stock content marketplaces offer images under a royalty-free license. This type of license allows you to purchase a file once and use it multiple times without paying additional fees. A royalty-free license is the ideal solution for marketing and design agencies that work with different tasks and need diverse and high-quality images for their websites. Stock content libraries provide their users with explicit license terms where they can review file usage limitations.

Best Stock Photos Sites for Designers to Upload Images for Projects

Various stock websites offer high-resolution images and provide several terms of collaboration and file usage. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular platforms below.

#1 Depositphotos

Depositphotos is a vast content library with over 230 million royalty-free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, clipart, icon sets, sound effects, and videos available on Depositphotos depotphotos.com/stock-photography.html. The platform also offers over 65,000 free files that you can legally use for commercial projects with attribution. Multiple trending collections and themed categories feature visuals categorized by color, mood, topic, and current trends. Additionally, you can sort images by orientation, color, date, contributor, location, and origin using advanced search filters for quick and convenient browsing.


Pixabay offers 2.6 million freely licensed images, including photos, vector graphics, illustrations, videos, and music tracks. You can browse curated image collections on the stock content market to select trending visuals for your business projects. Pixabay provides all files under a royalty-free license. This means you can use them for any purpose, such as marketing, sales and promotions, without attributing the source or paying a subscription. Nevertheless, you can congratulate the authors by donating the desired amount with PayPal.


Alamy is a trusted content marketplace where you can download professional, high-resolution photos. Its extensive library contains over 295 million commercial visuals and is replenished daily with new material. Alamy offers amazing image collections covering various trending visual styles in web design. It allows content creators to find real inspiration to create their projects. You can also browse editorially licensed files that you can use for illustrative purposes in media. Alamy also provides images under rights-managed or royalty-free licenses. When you purchase a file under a rights-managed license, you can only use it for a specific project.


High-quality visuals can be a great marketing tool for businesses trying to convey unique values ​​to their target audience and attract more customers. Due to lack of time and money, start-ups frequently upload free images to Google to implement in their business projects. However, misuse of Free Internet Files may result in copyright infringement. Stock content marketplaces are the easiest and fastest way to find relevant business images. These online platforms offer vast libraries of licensed photos, vectors, and illustrations that you can use for your commercial projects. Also, you can get stock content files completely free of charge.